UI Design for ATC Group

ATC Group wanted to refresh their classic, 15-year old brand to reflect their global expansion. The group has ventured into the Payments space, POS Machines, and international trade and evolved into a modern business entity over the years. 
Apart from a refreshed brand, ATC was also looking for a website that details their products and services and generates leads for their POS machine business division. 

We designed a mobile-first website from scratch using custom illustrations and imagery, but we stuck to conventional fonts and colors to be web-friendly. (Most prospects start search on devices)
We defined ICPs for their business verticals and conducted a series of customer interviews to create a simple user journey. The objective was to enable B2B prospects to travel from a Google search on POS Machines (or other desired keywords) to a lead-gen order form on the website. 
The guiding principle was that prospects absorbed the maximum amount of broad information about the company and the product in question in the least number of clicks possible.  

Marketing Ops integration
We connected the order-form to the company CRM - FreshSales, and enabled round-robin lead assignment to Sales Reps. We added all relevant tracking codes (GTM, LinkedIn, Facebook, SalesLoft, ZoomInfo, et al.) and tracked prospects' journeys across platforms to determine their intent. We even coached the team to use these tools to close deals faster.

Result = Happy client :)

Softwares used
Sales enablement - SalesLoft
Sales intelligence - ZoomInfo

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